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Quality and Metrology

Mechanical grinding for third parties

The Battaglino Rettifiche mechanical workshop performs mechanical grinding work on behalf of third parties with the utmost precision and strict quality controls, in compliance with the highest production standards. Since 2002, it has been operating in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard, making use of state-of-the-art systems and a constantly up-to-date machine fleet.
It is thanks to this policy that today it is considered a leader in Diano D’Alba, in the province of Cuneo, in the field of mechanical processing, receiving work orders for large projects, both Italian and foreign.

Verification, control, testing

Verification, controls and testing are essential to ensure quality and compliance with production standards. They are carried out by the technical staff at the end of the production process, using appropriate high-precision equipment and instruments that are regularly subjected to external calibration by certified bodies.



Control checks  take place in a perfectly air-conditioned metrology room equipped with innovative measurement and verification tools. Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored to prevent thermal differences affecting the reliability of the tests.

Metrology room

Battaglino Rettifiche of Diano D’Alba has an air-conditioned metrology room that is equipped with the most modern measuring instruments, including:

  • Hommel Etamic OpticlineC305 optical machine
  • Joint DNS 680 calibration machine
  • Zeiss CONTURA
  • Taylor Hobson profilometer / roughness tester
  • Aeroel laser micrometer
  • Taylor Hobson roundness meter
  • roughness measurement equipment
  • altimeters.